I practice in several different areas of photography - Engagement and Weddings, Seniors, Families - but my favorite is Boudoir. Being able to help women see themselves in a new, empowering light is so rewarding and I love that I can use my passion to make them feel beautiful.

This type of session is a little more nerve-wracking than a regular portrait session, so clients tend to get really nervous before the session. But don't worry - I take the extra time with my boudoir clients to make sure they are comfortable and prepared for their session with me. From providing my session prep guide to helping with outfits, sharing all of my tips and talking about areas of concern, I am here to help and to make YOU feel amazing! And although the final product looks serious and fierce, the session itself is so much fun and laid back!

So many women completely overlook the stunning person that other people see. That is why I love boudoir. It helps women see the beauty that they've always possessed that they had forgotten was there. I can't wait to serve you and help you see just how STUNNING you are. See you soon!

"Your body is the only thing that has been with you through it all;
Love it for everything it is."

—Katie Noel Lund