"I had an absolute blast shooting with Jessi. I was so nervous prior to the session, but she is so much fun and professional. She made me feel at ease within just a few minutes. The pictures turned out amazing. It was hard to choose my favorites. I 100% recommend her to anyone who even THINKS they might want to try a boudoir session. It is SO worth it. I would definitely do it again!!"


"Jessi is seriously THE BEST! I have shot with a lot of photographers and they're good but I was so comfortable with Jessi and she was super professional! The settings were amazing and just the peeks from the back of the camera made me feel so good about myself!"


"The thought of booking a boudoir session was so scary and way out of my comfort zone. Jessi helped with outfit ideas and was so encouraging through the whole process! I don't have a lot of confidence and my body is nowhere near what I'd like it to look like but when I saw those pictures it all melted away! It was such a fun and empowering experience and now I have pictures that I can look at when I need a confidence boost!"


"Doing a boudoir shoot has been something I’ve always talked about but never been comfortable enough to do. I decided to ask Jessi some questions about it and she just made me feel so comfortable that I just decided to do it! I was so nervous even pulling up. She made me feel so comfortable, I felt like I was just hanging out with a best friend! She talked me through everything. I feel like I’m more confident just from doing this! Definitely can’t thank her enough!"


"While you would think a boudoir session might be awkward and uncomfortable, which I thought so myself, Jessi makes it the complete opposite. She’s so professional while taking pictures and does everything to make you comfortable. I went in terrified, thinking all of my pictures/poses would look forced and uncomfortable - that wasn’t the case at all. The pictures came back and looked truly outstanding. I’m so happy that my husband and I will have such a great reminder of such a special moment in our life."


"I’m here to encourage women of all sizes to do this. I was very apprehensive but once I actually got there, Jessi dove right into shooting like it was just a regular photoshoot. The thing I liked most was showing some of the photos directly after the picture was taken. I struggled with what outfits to bring because of my confidence level, when in reality positioning pictures can hide a lot of imperfections, which I didn’t realize the extent. The whole shoot was exhilarating for me."


"I had such a FUN experience with Jessi! I was so nervous before booking and the days leading up to my session but completely forgot all about it once I got to the studio! Jessi is so professional and made me feel so comfortable and confident! I loved every second of it and cannot wait to do it again! AND most importantly my husband can't stop looking at the images!"


"Pregnancy for me brought a whole new body and I decided to try boudoir photography to capture this wonderful event in my life. Before my boudoir session I was a nervous wreck, but Jessi was so welcoming and professional. It made the whole experience comfortable! I felt so confident during my boudoir session and it was fun and very laid back. The results were amazing - I received beautiful pictures with many that I proudly display. I would highly recommend Jessi to anyone inquiring about boudoir photography."


"Jessi is the best! She is so helpful with posing and truly makes you feel comfortable when you're feeling most vulnerable. She has a real eye for what looks good. Even if it feels awkward for your body, the finished product always turns out perfectly."